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Squats with Bar

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Muscles trained:

Quadriceps, Biceps femoris hamstrings, Semimembranosus hamstrings, Semitendinosus hamstrings

Assistant muscles:

Longissimus, Iliocostalis, Spinalis, Rectus abdominis




Load weights on a barbell, if it is the first time you can start without weights. Put your feet right under the wrench. Shoot your chest out. The upper part of the back should be tight.

Lift yourself up and take one step back. Stand straight with your knees. Lock the hips for maximum stability.


Inhale and push your knees to the side and your hips back and down. Hold your breath at the bottom. Do not stop, but quickly reverse the movement by running your hips straight up. Keep your knees out, chest up and upper back tight. At the top, the hip and knees should be locked. Breathe out at the top and take a second break.



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